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New Roadmap Published

We haven't made any announcements for a long time, but we are happy to announce that we just published the new roadmap for v8.

Our main focus for v8 is to make Faker more lightweight and flexible. A huge part of that is better tree shaking support.

Currently, if you just want to generate some reproducible numbers, then you need the entire Faker package. First, you have to download almost 10MB of data (mostly locales; duplicated for ESM and CJS) and ship half of that (one of them).

We wont tackle the download size for now, but we hope to reduce the shipped size significantly (deduplicate locale data) on our side and allow your build process to discard more unused methods and data. This should also improve js startup/parse times.

If we are successful, you will only need a few KB of code for numbers and only the locales you need for more complex things such as names. With a bit of setup on your side, you can ship only the parts of the locale data you actually need. So no more finance data and mime-types, just for a first name.

For more details refer to our roadmap:

Released under the MIT License.